Simply looking at a 12” x 12” sample doesn’t give the whole story of how a particular material looks. That’s why we house over 250 colors of full-sized slabs and 6,000 square feet of tile for customers to view on site. Our experts provide top level service at every stage and the highest quality of stone or tile for your unique project.


We love Marble, after all it’s in the name! It has been used for centuries and provides a beautiful look. It is a softer material and is susceptible to etching (with contact from acidic material) and scratches.


Tile flooring can showcase any look you’re after, whether it is marble, wood, porcelain or granite. It is a terrific option for anyone seeking a long-term surface for the home. Marble Works has numerous options to help match the look you envision for your home.


Granite has a rich beauty that few other countertop materials can match. It is a natural product with a timeless aura and appeal. With the movement and beauty of the material, our focus is to help make your countertops a work of art.


Quartz is a mix of crushed natural stone and resins. The material is vacuumed-sealed which translates into very minimal upkeep. It provides a very clean look. With the newer designs, only an expert would be able to tell it is not a natural stone.

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